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solar white granite

Name Product: Solar White Granite

Also Known As : America White Granite, American White Granite, Bianco America Granite, Silvertone Granite, White Solar Granite

Stone Type : Natural Stone Granite

Thickness : 2 cm – 3 cm

Slab Length : 110

Slab Height : 110

Slab Square Foot : 100

Water Absorption : 0.50 – 0.98 By Weight

Finish : Honed, Sandblasted, Polished, Aged, Brushed, Rock faced, Tumbled and Leather

Colors : White

Pattern : _

Prices : $55 per square foot

Origins : Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, United States

Suggested Use: Kitchen Countertops and bars, Pool, Stai, Ornamental Stone, fountains, Flooring residential, Construction stone, Interior Floors, Tombstone, indoor and outdoor decoration Interior and Exterior Wall or Floor applications, Dementia Stone, Kitchen Backsplash, component, lavabo, Water Falls, Wall Capping, , Shelves Bathrooms, Cover cabinets, Sculpture, outdoor cladding and all other Architectural Applications

Home Designer Comment : Solar White Granite is a stunning white black stone that is soaring in popularity. It is quarried in North Carolina, United States and this stone is commonly known by any other industry names such as America White Granite, American White Granite, Bianco America Granite, Silvertone Granite and White Solar Granite.

solar white granite

From afar Solar White Granite looks a white grey color overall and is clearly littered with mineral deposits – even from a distance it does not look uniform. Like most natural stones, Solar White Granite is durable, classy elegant, long-lasting and this granite have a low prices. besides, Solar White Granite looks sleek and trendy combined with white black cabinets, natural wood colors and instantly becomes a centerpiece in black and white kitchen interiors. Consider pairing solar white granite up with modern gray, black, or white cabinets to allow this granite to define the space. The main colors in this granite could go quite well with either a stainless steel, hammered copper, or black granite sink, each of which would bring out the natural silver, copper, or black tones in the granite. So If you wanted to have a very light shade of color in the kitchen or bathroom without spending a fortune, Solar White Granite countertops will be the perfect choice

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