African Lapis Granite Countertops, Slab And Prices

Name Product: African Lapis Granite

African Lapis Granite

Also Known As :

Stone Type : Natural Stone Granite

Thickness : 2 cm – 3 cm

Slab Length : 120

Slab Height : 100

Slab Square Foot : 110

Water Absorption : 0.35 – 056 By Weight %

Finish : Honed, Polished, Aged, Brushed, Tumbled and Leather

Colors :Black, Beige, Blue and White

Pattern : _

Prices : $28 per square foot

Origins :Lubango (Sá da Bandeira) Angola, Africa

Suggested Use: Kitchen Countertops and bars, Ornamental Stone, fountains, Flooring residential, Construction stone, Interior Floors, Tombstone, indoor and outdoor decoration Interior and Exterior Wall or Floor applications, Kitchen Backsplash, Waterfalls, Wall Capping, Shelves Bathrooms, Cover cabinets, Sculpture and all other Architectural Applications

Professional Designer Comment: African Lapis Granite is a stunning stone from Lubango (Sá da Bandeira) Angola, Africa. Naturally occurring bands of quartz and mica, along with tiny blue garnets, create the effect of white and copper-coloured swirls against a black background

African Lapis Granite Countertops

African Lapis Granite is one of the most beautiful stones in the world and this stunning stone is one of the most desired and appreciated types of granite by designer and architecture on the world. The price range of this granite is quite modest around $25 to $28 per square foot. African Lapis Granite countertops are resistant to scratches and stains. so If you wanted to have a very light shade of color and if you want to create a luxurious look in the kitchen or bathroom without spending a fortune, African Lapis Granite Countertops will be the perfect choice

The popularity of African Lapis Granite countertops more famous at recent yeas due to the affordable price and the aesthetic value of the stone. Despite the affordable price, African Lapis Granite ease to blend with other colors combination and this stunning stone combines the beauty and movement of marble with the hardness and durability of granite. It will truly be the centrepiece of any kitchen both in modern or classic design.

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